10 Hulu Plus Shows To Watch Right Now In 2018

Hulu forms the trinity of online streaming majors along with Netflix and Amazon Prime. It is often overlooked in comparison to its online siblings, but it has some interesting content to offer which make it unique and definitely worth a look. After all, that is the point of these all streaming sites, to be able to view the content you want at a time desired by you. So, let us look at what’s going on at the Hulu streaming website and what are the best Hulu Plus shows you will find with Hulu subscription.

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Best Hulu Plus Shows You Should Watch on Hulu

Here is our ever-growing list of Popular Hulu Shows that you can binge on. The majority of Shows are Hulu Originals while others are from different creators.

1. 11.22.63

Our first Shows in Hulu Plus Shows catalog is 11.22.63. It is a unique show taking you back into time for events around the Kennedy assassination. It is based on a novel by Stephen King and has a very intricate story. For people who enjoy conspiracy theories throughout history, this show will be very interesting.

The beginning of the story is, however, quiet Sci-Fi where a teacher is sent back into time to prevent the Kennedy assassination. The series contains 8 episodes in one season.

2. The Path

It is an interesting Hulu Plus show which deals with the following of a fictional religion known as Meyerism. The show goes deep into human conditioning and behavior. Although it is slow paced it has very strong performances from a good cast which includes Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad.

The first season of the series started in 2015 with 10 episodes thereafter it has been renewed for a second season. It deals with a turn of events when Eddie, who is the main character, begin to question this new age religion.

3. The Mindy Project

A romantic comedy sitcom about a gynecologist Mindy Lahiri and revolves around her personal and professional life. The series was created by Fox network for the first 3 seasons after which Hulu picked up the series for the 4th and the upcoming 5th season. It portrays the various characters and their idiosyncrasies which make it a fun and enjoyable sitcom.

4. Difficult People

Another Hulu Plus Show you should watch is Difficult People. It is an American comedy series about two struggling comedians in New York City. They seem to have a tough time with the world but get along with each other very well. The show brings out the Ambience of New York very well and gives funny and interesting anecdotes throughout the show. It has received some good ratings from the audience.

The characters are unhappy and sometimes rough in their behavior but they still provide a number of laughs. The show is due for a third season in 2017.

5. Casual 

It is a comedy drama series revolving around a newly divorced mother, Valerie. She is living with her brother and daughter. This Hulu Plus show has been receiving positive reviews from major critics websites and after the first 2 seasons has been renewed for a third season. The show received an advanced premiere at the Toronto International Film festival where the first two episodes were shown. It is said to be a take on modern dating with snappy dialogues and brisk performances.

6. The Awesomes

Another Hulu Plus Show in our list is animated series created by well-known producers Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker. It follows the exploits of a group of new Superheroes which are given the task to replace the aging team of previous Superheroes. The new band of Heroes has to face skepticism from the government and the media and prove themselves to the public.

The show ran for three seasons for a total of 30 episodes. It has some funny and interesting characters for the superheroes as well as the Supervillains which make it interesting and funny at the same time.

7. The Hotwives

It is a Sitcom show based on the lives of women in Orlando Florida. The Hotwives takes inspiration from The Real Housewives series. The show can be seen as a parody of the reality series The Real Housewives. The parody is a humorous depiction of women fighting over shoes and plastic surgery, wanting to spend all of their husband’s money. It has been on for 2 seasons with a total of 14 episodes. The first season was based in Orlando, while the second season had a group of wives based in Las Vegas with a whole new cast.

The first season was based in Orlando, while the second season had a group of wives based in Las Vegas with a whole new cast.

8. The Vikings

It is a dramatic representation of Scandinavian history exploring the Viking life with great accuracy. It is a series produced by The History channel and is available for viewing on Hulu. The series has been rated highly. It follows the journey of Ragnar as he becomes a ruler in Europe’s Viking age. The Show received many Emmy nominations for its designs and costume.

It is a powerful epic about the Viking age with a detailed and interesting story. The Viking is one of the best popular Hulu Plus Shows to watch.

9. The Wrong Mans

It is an interesting show about a man who witnesses an accident one night which changes his life. It is a case of mistaken identity which leads to some funny incidents with dark humor and action scenes.

The show starts off as a few comedic instances for the two characters which become dangerous later on for both their families. The writer-actor duo Matthew Baynton and James Corden give an action-packed adventure with doses of humor.

10. Deadbeat

A Hulu Show about the character Kevin Pacalioglu who is a deadbeat. He has no home and no place to stay. But he has a special talent which torments him even more. He can see dead spirits and is constantly hounded by them. They actually do not want to hurt him but just use him as a medium to finish their unfinished business. An interesting story which leads to out worldly experiences.

Conclusion On Hulu  Shows

Moving with the current entertainment scenario, Hulu service will hail more in upcoming days. The reason why we advocate Hulu is, the essence of watching Movies, TV Shows and major channels without subscribing expensive Cable TV.

Hulu has some of the amazing shows in their Hulu Plus Shows catalogue. Be it The Flash, Viking or The Agent of The Sheilds, they have tapped the need of audience of every age. Our list of Popular Hulu Shows will keep on growing, so keep visiting for daily updates on all major streaming portals.

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