Hulu Add-ons & Price | List of All Hulu Addons

Hulu is an American entertainment company which is actually created to broadcast instant streaming of all the popular shows of foreign television. Its is a similar streaming platform like Netflix and Amazon Prime. There are a number of benefits which you eventually get if you subscribe for Hulu. They have many featured and premium add-ons which cater all your needs for entertainment.  Hulu with live tv comes with some amazing add-ons like Showtime, Cinemax, HBO, Entertainment, Starz, Espanol, Enhanced cloud DVR, Unlimited Screens. These add-ons have made Hulu resemble with Sling TV.

The add-ons help the viewers to have enough choices to create a unique TV experience. You just need to sign up for the Hulu subscription and choose your add-ons, after which you can eventually manage your account at your convenient time and take full advantage of the various facilities and options provided under your subscription plan. Here, we have given an overview of the eight add-ons that Hulu subscription provides to its audience.

List of All Hulu Add-ons & Price Available

1. Showtime

Showtime on Hulu with an additional subscription of $10.99 per month allows you to watch almost all the popular and award-winning exclusive movies and boxing championships. This add on also allows you to view the latest pre-recorded episodes of your favourite shows and also the latest movies in the market. Showtime also enables its viewers to watch some of the live feeds of some shows on a number of variant devices which supports this feature. One majestic feature of this add-on is that you do not have to keep track of the subscription bills of Showtime on Hulu. You can track your channels which you have personally picked up for yourself like ‘The Affair’, ‘Shameless’ and many more. These shows are available with the streaming of your favourite shows on the same application simultaneously. This add-on also offers you to use your Hulu credentials on this application.

2. HBO

With the HBO add-on with a subscription amount of $14.99 per month allows you to watch all your favourite shows, popular movies, documentaries, the live matches of all the different sports and all the latest pre-recorded content available on the television channel. You can stream all these at your favourite devices which supports Hulu and its add-ons. If you are adding HBO on your Hulu subscription plan you eventually get to watch the episodes and seasons of the popular show ‘The Games of Thrones’ and other shows which have high TRPs in the entertainment industry. With this add on you get to watch whatever you wish to thereby prevent yourself from subscribing to multiple providers. HBO also allows you to create an HBO Now account with your Hulu details.

3. Cinemax

The Cinemax add on with your Hulu subscription comes with an additional cost of $9.99 per month which allows you to watch all the action-packed movies, behind the scenes clips of the movie, clips of the making of such movies. If you are a movie manic then this add-on totally fits your entertainment. Cinemax also broadcasts original series like the ‘Outcaste’, “Banshee” and “Strike Back’ in all your devices supporting the Hulu app. Now, for movies, you do not have to subscribe to multiple providers and keep a track of the premium shows and movies with the help of the Hulu app.

4. Starz

starz addon

The Starz add on with the Hulu subscription allows you to watch all the bold content which has brilliant plotlines with the portrayal of powerful characters. This add on comes with an additional price of $8.99 per month. They broadcast some fantastic shows like ‘Vida and Counterpart’, ‘Power’ and many more. This add on also allows you to watch the latest hits on modern classics. With the Starz add on you can use your Hulu credentials to watch your favourite shows on the app in your preferable device which supports this application.

5. Entertainment


The Entertainment add-on on Hulu allows you to access all the reality-based shows streaming live. This add-on comes with an additional cost of $7.99 per month with the Hulu subscription. This add-on allows you to watch all your favourite cookery shows, live news and all the latest episode of the various reality shows. You can also watch movies which are available on the channels like CNBC World, Cooking Channel, DIY, FYI, American Heroes Channel and many more.

6. Espanol

espanol addon

Espanol add on with Hulu subscription actually allows its viewers to watch their shows, news, and sports in the Spanish language. This add-on comes with an additional cost of $4.99 per month. You can view content from the channels like CNN en Espanol, ESPN en Espanol, Discovery en Espanol, History Channel en Espanol and NBC Universo by signing up with this add on Hulu. You are allowed to customize your Hulu experience with the shows which you want to watch according to your preferences. You just need to use your Hulu details when you sign up for this Spanish add on.

7. Enhanced Cloud DVR

Hulu cloud DVR addon

Hulu is one of the best Live TV platforms which allows all its subscribers to get fifty hours of Cloud DVR storage space which enable you to record all your favourite shows and films and live events. If you are a regular television viewer but do not have enough time then this addon helps you to store up to two hundred hours of your favourite shows on Enhanced Cloud DVR. This add-on will cost you an extra amount of $9.99 per month with the Hulu subscription. You would be surprised to know that this add on also allows its subscribers to skip through the ad breaks which are recorded along with the live shows.

8. Unlimited Screens

hulu unlimited Addon

This is one of the majestic add on offered by Hulu to its Live TV subscribers. As a Hulu live subscriber, one can stream on two screens. If you have a large family, this unlimited Hulu addon allows you to watch your favourite channel on the unlimited number of screens within the comforts of your home. If you come down to your mobile devices then this add on allows you to watch all your shows on three different devices at one go after you have signed up for this feature on the Hulu platform.

These eight add on caters to all the different needs you have while viewing your favourite Pre-recorded shows and movies on Hulu. These add-ons ensure you full entertainment without any kind of hindrance or restrictions. You are able to watch the latest content available in the entertainment world at your fingertips.

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